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daily queen pictures
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This is a community for pictures of the band Queen! In order to reduce spam and picture repeats, only the mods will be able to post pictures. If you'd like to be worked into the schedule for posting, please contact me, fantasticdrowse, by email (on my info). The whole idea for this community is for you to see a new picture of the band, or one of the members, each day as you're browsing your friends page. So thank you for joining, and enjoy the pictures!

Here's the posting schedule as I have it so far. It's bound to change and people are bound to forget/post too much, so I guess this is more of a rough guideline:

Monday: fantasticdrowse
Tuesday: killerqueen1946
Wednesday: nerdork
Thursday: leathanaigh
Friday: lildevilgirl06
Saturday: ms_mercury
Sunday: killerqueen1946

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